Blunt wraps

We have a large selection of blunt wraps always in stock. Which blunt paper are you after? We’ve most likely got it here. We have all kinds of rolling blunts and papers.

The original blunts. Were developed in the late 1800’s and intended simply to be a less messy alternative to cigars.The name of blunt wraps come from the method of making them. A normal cigar is a wrap of many tobacco leaves. Whilst a blunt wap is a single leaf of tobacco rather than multiple leaves.

Many modern rolling blunts are made from two leaves. Generally there’s the inner paper leaf. Mostly rice or wood pulp is used for this inner leaf. Then there is the outer thicker leaf of tobacco.

It wasn’t until the 1970’s that blunts were made commercially for use with cannabis and similar herbs. The great advantages to blunt papers of normal rolling papers, is the enhanced flavour given by smoking with a blunt wrap.

On top of the thicker creamier smoke and flavour of a blunt paper. Today blunt wraps can be bought in many different flavours. This further adds to the gorgeous flavour and texture produced by smoking a rolling blunt.

They can be bought in pre-rolled style. But they also come as un-rolled papers.