We have a selection of bongs available. The method favoured by many for ingestion your everyone’s herb. Nowadays there are many different types of bongs available to suit all tastes and requirements.

But the use of bongs is by no means just a modern day thing. According to Wikipedia there was a golden one found in excavations in Russia which dates back to 2400 years ago! They have been found in writings of cultures all across the globe as well.

We have bongs to cover all budgets and size requirements. There can be many reasons some prefer bongs to using smoking papers but the main are briefly:

The taste. Taste of herbs can be far fuller and purer. This is due in large part to the fact that using a bong preserves more of the when terpenes compared to using smoking papers. Terpenes are of course the compounds that are responsible for the most aromas and taste in cannabis and other plants.

Convenience. They are very quick hassle free and easy to use. Thus saving time when compared to the use of papers. No rolling, roaching etc needed just fill a bowl and go.

There is also less toxins that enter the bloodstream with this method of ingestion.

We have CBD products including CBD hemp flowers and hemp hash to go with your new bong available here.

  • Please note by law we cannot condone the combustion of any CBD products
  • None of the above in any way constitutes or replace medical advice