CBD wax or variously known as shatter, budder, or wax crumble is a CBD form (cannabidiol) that is very concentrated. Being highly concentrated means of course the effects are very potent.

CBD wax gets its name from its appearance and consistency. After it has been purified and extracted, which is done mainly by two different methods, CO2 extraction, and Butane hash oil extraction. You are left with a pure concentrated form of that has a wax-like appearance and consistency.

CBD wax is often the preferred form of CBD for many people using solely for its wonderful medicinal properties. As mentioned previously the wax is very concentrated. So you can ingest less wax than other CBD forms and still experience the positive medicinal effects.

How to ingest/use CBD wax.

Many people choose to dab their wax a method know as dabbing. It’s really simple all you need is a dab rig. A flame source (often a blowtorch) and your good to go.

People also often choose to vapourise their wax. Which is probably the healthiest way to consume wax as you only vapourise the herb and not actually combust it. we have some vapourisers available here.

Also popular is the classic bong. Used for decades the good old bong is ever popular and also a quick way of ingestion.

Some people also use the CBD wax crumble, by literally crumbling it on top of their usual smoking blend. So by doing this, they get the full CBD effects from the addition of the wax. With the additional bonus of being able to enjoy the extra flavours and taste the wax adds.

Of course, there is also tea’s which is really a the preferred method of ingestion, at least in terms of health.

Please note:

By law, we cannot and do not condone the combustion of any CBD or hemp products.

All CBD products we sell including CBD budder are meant solely as souvenirs or to be used as hemp teas.

The above information in no way constitutes or replaces medical advice.

Our team are extremely knowledgeable and always happy to help. So if you have any queries or would like help in selecting the right CBD products, just get in touch.

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