CBD Terpsolator

CBD Terpsolator is a CBD trepsolate extract.

Terpsolate is a word derived from terpene and isolate. These two words give a good clue to what CBD Terspsolator is. That is a CBD isolate that contains hemp terpenes.

As you probably already know, terpenes are organic compounds that are produced by a wide variety of plants. They generally produce a strong odour or aroma. One of their main functions is that of protection of the plant that produced the terpenes. This is more often than not protection from predators such as bugs, caterpillars and the like.

Isn’t CBD Terpsolate the same as CBD Isolate?

Not quite, though they are both similar. Briefly CBD isolate is like it sounds, the isolated CBD molecule. Which is a phytocannabinoid and one of the 113 cannabinoids found to date in the cannabis plant. As a pure isolate it contains nothing else and is pure CBD alone So due to this isolation it has no aroma or flavour. Now CBD terpsolate or terpsolator on the other hand is the same CBD isolate only with the added terpenes. So this adds the gorgeous aromas and flavours, we all know and love so much.

How do you use CBD Terspolator?

You can simply add the crystals to any product you are using already. For example one of the most popular method employed by many people is to sprinkle the CBD terpsolate onto to CBD edibles such as gummies.

Or it can be added to your favourite tea, whether that’s CBD tea or any other tea (or coffee or hot drink) you can think of. Just a little sprinkle will add that CBD magic and deliver all the great medicinal benefits that CBD has to offer.

CBD terpsolator can also be vapourised, or mixed with any herbs for your preferred method of ingestion.

We’ve got loads of gorgeous flavours and strains available to try, so come in and have a pick.

If you would like any help or advice choosing the CBD terpsolator flavour for you, or for advice on any related products, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. Since we are always more than happy to help, and our team are long-established industry experts so we can deliver the best customer service available anywhere.

Please note:

The information above in no way replaces or constitutes medical advice.

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