CBD Vape pens and pods

CBD vape pens and pods are used to vapourise rather than combust your herbs.

When any herb is combusted (i.e smoked), a lot of noxious substances are formed or released. These substances then actually enter your bloodstream along with all the good stuff. Many of these substances which are created as a by-product of combustion which can cause cancer and a host of other medical conditions.

Vaporising eradicates combustion, thus it also doesn’t create those noxious additional chemicals and toxins, which are so prevalent when anything is smoked. In addition to being a far healthier method of consuming your fave herbs. Vaporising also gives enhanced flavour to the herbs as there is none of the delicate terpenes etc getting burnt away by combustion.

There is also more constituents left in tact. This is due to the pre-combustion lower temperatures of vaporising. So because of this, not only is flavour enhanced. Also all the of the positive medicinal molecules and agents are more free to enter the bloodstream. Which they do. So this leads to a higher potential of medicinal benefits being used, absorbed and utilised by the body fully.

If you want some help or advice choosing the right CBD products for you. Or advice on any related products. Then just get in touch we are always more than happy to help and our team are long-established industry experts. So you can be sure we will always aim to deliver the best customer service available anywhere.

CBD Vape Pens & Pods

Ignite CBD Pod


CBD Vape Pens & Pods

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