CBD products

Here at K-Anubis we always have a great range of top quality CBD products in stock. Come in and have a browse. You’ll find CBD flowers, edibles, CBD oil, CBD hash, CBD jelly, drinks, teas, and more.

As the popularity of CBD and its related products continues to rocket. More and more things being discovered about this wonderful compound of the cannabis plant.

Some of the very latest and most intensive research indicates CBD to be of great potential in treating or relieving many health conditions. Insomnia, chronic pain, stress, anxiety, and sciatica are just a very small selection of health conditions that CBD has been found very beneficial in treating or relieving.

Another great use of CBD that increasing amounts of people are using it for is to cut down on or quit outright cannabis use. Though CBD comes from the Cannabis plant it contains no or just a fractional amount of THC. Legally it has to be under 0.2%. Due to this fact, CBD products produce none of the psychoactive effects associated with THC. So, because CBD is not psychoactive there is none of the paranoia sometimes associated with consuming THC cannabis.

For this reason, people can still enjoy consuming their favourite plant. But just without the strain and damage to the brain that prolonged use of high strength THC can produce.

You always get in touch with us for any help or advice on choosing a CBD product.

Please note:

The information above in no way replaces or constitutes medical advice.

In compliance with the law we cannot condone the combustion of any CBD products we supply.