CBD Jelly

Cbd jelly hash or sometimes called CBD pollen is soft almost actually jelly like or an even better resemblance would be Playdough. So since it has a very pliable soft and sticky consistency it’s also known as squidgy black.

Plant of life CBD jelly has a high CBD content, coming in at 22%. So a lot of the medicinal and other benefits really come to the fore in this product. It is also great for unwinding and relaxing.

Being 100% hemp derived, this is not marijuana, so there are none of the psychoactive effects often associated with THC and cannabis. The THC content of any legal CBD sold must be under 0.2%. So any THC content found in CBD products is nominal.

All Plant of Life CBD Jelly are lab-tested to reach constant and excellent quality results for each batch and they are completely organic so no nasty pesticides and they are all non GMO.

Top of the line CBD product by plant of life extracted from finest hemp plants with great care to detail and quality control. 100% UK legal and EU regulated.

Product information from back of the pack:

  • 100% Cannabis Sativa extract
  • CBDV: 28,8 mg/g
  • CBDA: 31.3 mg/g
  • CBG: 4.6 mg/g
  • THCV: 6.2 mg/g
  • CBD: 172,4 mg/g
  • CBN: <0.3 mg/g
  • CBC: 0,3 mg/g
  • THCA: 0.7 mg/g