All of our CBD and hemp tea flowers are expertly grown indoor from locally sourced strains wherever possible. Amazing quality and price. We have a large network of top farmers all across Europe, who specialise in growing the finest hemp flowers available. With over twenty five years industry experience.  When you buy CBD hemp flowers from us you can be sure your getting only top quality premium bud.  In fact, we are confident that our quality and prices are among the best available anywhere in Europe!

With a wide range of strains ranging from gelato all the way through to amnesia and plenty in between. Unbelievable aromas. Delectable flavours. Classic and new strains of CBD bud. A varied range of effects.

You can get 1G all the way up to 28G and more with increasing discounts on the more you buy. All come in discreet packaging so your postie won’t know!



CBD Flowers Hemp Flowers

CBD Flower Biscotti 1G 20%